More Owners to be Impacted Along State Road 50

Many East Orlando residents are familiar with the expansion of  State Road 50 from four to six lanes. What many not yet be aware of is the additional construction on the way.

One of a few possibilities for the 408 extension
One of a few possibilities for the 408 extension

The Central Florida Expressway Authority (“CFX”) has been researching and planning to expand State Road 408 eastward past the Econlockhatchee River in an area adjacent to Colonial in an effort to meet the growing population of East Orange County and the Space Coast.

At a public meeting on March 8, 2016, CFX unveiled three alternatives to building the extension, with many of the alternatives requiring raised portions of the highway.  We attended and heard many residents and business owners question why on earth the government would spend all this money widening SR 50 just to turn around and rip some of it back up for the 408 extension. It appears the FDOT was listening. After months of negotiations, FDOT and CFX have tentatively agreed that FDOT will take control of the 408 extension in the current State Road 50 corridor.

This project will impact (again) owners with frontage on SR 50, some severely. If you think you may be impacted by this extension, would like us to investigate whether or to what extent the extension will impact your property, or would like additional images to better determine whether the roadway plans impact your property directly, please use the “contact us” form to the right or on the contact us portion of this site.

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